Historical Restorations

Buttonwood has the capacity to restore any interior or exterior space of your home.
Exterior restorations include shingle roofs, wood cedar roofs, membrane roofing on flat roofs, clapboard installation, white cedar shingles, window and door repairs, entrance ways, vestibule and trim repairs as well as exterior painting. Exterior painting can be a major undertaking on a period home; rot repair, drainage corrections and wood stabilization are consistent with any quality job. Homeowners may choose to do one side or all sides depending on conditions, budget and priorities. It is not uncommon to stage exterior restorations over a period of time singling out the worst components first such as shutters, clapboards, and trim.
Interior restoration can consist of a single element such as a door or floorboard or can be as comprehensive as an entire room including horsehair plaster, lath repair, molding restoration, floor refinishing and a complete paint job. Depending on the time and budget a complete interior can be done at one time or staged over a longer period. We have a talented team who can match paints and stains in order to seamlessly integrate restorations into the rest of the house.

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