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Jon's Statement

I have always had respect and admiration for all things made by hand. The opportunity to take apart and understand the hows and whys of early build construction has fascinated me. Quality and the effort to do one's best as evident in 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th century work. It is inspirational to see the material, the application and the durability that had stood the test of time. I have had the good fortune to be able to participate in their good work. I find it reassuring and comforting to be surrounded by such quality. I do my best to ensure their legacy lives on.

Jonathan Detwiler, owner and sole proprietor of Buttonwood Renovations in Norwell, Massachusetts, has been in the business of the preservation, restoration and renovation fine antique homes for over 15 years. As a graduate of Middlebury College and the Shelter Institute, Mr. Detwiler has used his B.A. in American Civilization and American History as the foundation of his extensive knowledge of early American dwellings. He is a specialist in traditional joinery & early building methods and materials.

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